Sorter project [Finished]

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Sorter project [Finished]

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:14 am

I finished this a couple days ago or so and didn't update this mostly since the server hasn't had any down time to really do this. I have made some changes since. I found out that Iron ore really doesn't like to be sorted for some reason and really messes up the sorter so for a precaution I have removed gold ore and iron ore process if you dump them in there they will be shot over to the random/unsorted. So please process your ores first.

Secondly A lot of people have been putting cobble slabs in it. Don't do that. Very Happy


Things it can sort:

NOTE: No Stackable items.

1. Iron
2. Gold
3. Coal
4. Cobble
5. Smooth Stone
6. Brick
7. Brick steps
8. Smooth stone slabs
9. Cobble slabs Don't add these into the system. It'll mess it up.
10. Cobble stairs
11. Brick slabs
12. Moss stone
13. Dirt
14. Cocoa Beans
15. Cactus
16. Seeds
17. Redstone
18. Lever
20. Dropper
21. Repeater
22. Comparator
23. redstone torch
24. Piston
25. Sticky Piston
26. Slime
27. Rail
28. Powered Rail
29. Activator Rail
30. Pressure plate wood
31. Pressure plate stone
32. Dispenser
33. Redstone block
34. Netterrack
35. Glowstone Dust
36. GlowStone
37. Nether quarts
38. Oak planks
39. Spruce Planks
40. Birch Planks
41. Jungle Planks
42. Acacia Planks
43. Dark Oak Planks
44. Oak wood
45. Spruce Wood
46. Birch wood
47. Jungle wood
48. Acacia wood
49. Dark Oak wood
50. Oak wood slabs
51. spruce slabs
52. birch slabs
53. jungle slabs
54. acacia slabs
55. dark oak slabs
56. Dark oak stairs
57. Oak stairs
58. Spruce stairs
59. Birch stairs
60. Jungle stairs
61. Acacia stairs
62. Sticks
63. Chests
64. Signs
65. Rose red Dye
66. Magenta Dye
67. Dandelion yellow Dye
68. Pink dye
69. Orange Dye
70. Cactus green Dye
80. Light gray Dye
81. Light blue dye
82. Cyan
83. Ink Sac
84. Purple
85. Lime
86. Gray
87. Rose red Wool
88. Magenta wool
89. yellow wool
90. Pink wool
91. Orange wool
92. green wool
93. Light gray wool
94. Light blue wool
95. Cyan wool
96. Black wool
97. Purple wool
98. Lime wool
99. Gray wool
100. Sand
101. Red sand
102. Glass
103. Pane Glass
104. Rose red stained glass
105. Magenta stained glass
106. yellow stained glass
107. Pink stained glass
108. Orange stained glass
109. green stained glass
110. Light gray stained glass
111. Light blue stained glass
112. Cyan stained glass
113. Black stained glass
114. Purple stained glass
115. Lime stained glass
116. Gray stained glass
117. Rose red stained pane
118. Magenta stained pane
119. yellow stained pane
120. Pink stained pane
121. Orange stained pane
122. green stained pane
123. Light gray stained pane
124. Light blue stained pane
125. Cyan stained pane
126. Black stained pane
127. Purple stained pane
128. Lime stained pane
129. Gray stained pane
130. Iron ore removed
131. Gold ore removed
132. All others

Everything else will be dumped into the random chest.. The only rhythm or reason for this is that these are what I classify as important to sort into their own chest the rest there isn't high supplies off so they can fit into the random chest. also after making this list I noticed I was 27 slots short.

The Iron ore and gold ore will be fed into the the auto furn and be processed and sorted into the chest from there. Automation at its finest!  


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